Headphones + Lux = Pryma


The Black and Paper Q&A with Pryma

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How does the brand fuse fashion without sacrificing sound quality?

Sonus faber has been handcrafting the finest loudspeakers in the industry for almost 40 years.

Sound quality is our heritage, and elegance is in our DNA.

Every single one of our speakers was designed with a unique design and unparalleled sound quality. 

The same applies with PRYMA, the same taste, the same meticulous details and craftsmanship have been applied to the headphones, being assembled by hands at the Sonus faber,  Italy.

For audiophiles, what is the top feature Pryma?

From an audiophile standpoint, PRYMA headphones are very efficient since they can be driven by any sort of devices. If you want to get extra performances you can attach it to HP amplifier. 

The sound quality is as pure as it gets. PRYMA headphones translate the way the artist intended the music to sound.

What are the materials used for the headphones? 

Our headphones are composed of Italian leather (the headbands) and Italian aluminum (the shell), sourced from the nicest luxury and fashion material providers in Italy.

Then, the ear cups are either composed of Premium carbon fiber or acoustically tested polycarbonate.

With comfort being so important for the wearer is there a lot of adjustment needed for your headsets?

Sonus faber and Pryma designer, Livio Cucuzza, made sure that the headphones look as good as they sound. And like an Italian tailor made suit, they are perfectly fitted for the wearer’s ears.

One of the nicest features is the fact that they are extremely modulable, and the user can adjust the headbands with a unique buckle and clasp system, an elegant solution.

Are there any plans to expand to the model collection?

Yes, PRYMA is now a big part of The McIntosh Group, and will grow even bigger in the future!

We are already working on many exciting projects that I am sure you will have the chance to see soon in the Luxury and Fashion world.

Pryma headphones are available in luxury stores including Colette Paris and Barney’s New York City.