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  • Jabra gives Sound

    Jabra gives Sound

    I started using my Jabra 75T ear buds at the gym. My initial verdict. YES! Stay Tuned for the full review.

  • Affordable Listening

    Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Bluetooth Headphones The first thing you notice about these Skullcandy Ink’d wireless Bluetooth headphones is how light they are. Initially this can give the impression of them being cheap and disposable. But you will soon find that the opposite is true and the design grows on you. They are a flexible collar-style […]

  • ANC Skullcandy

    ANC Skullcandy

    My initial impression of the new Skullcandy Venue Noise Canceling Wireless is favorable. I have not given the headphones the full test yet, this is a first impression. The finish feels premium, snug fit, a bit weighty but not uncomfortable. On the design side, no logo overbranding on the side of the ear pads. The […]

  • An IFA 2018 Highlight

    An IFA 2018 Highlight

    A Headset Conversation Sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  I had an interesting conversation at IFA 2018 with a audiophile. This journalist writes about audio products, in particular headphones. German audio group Beyerdynamic just introduced a new entry level in ear set for 25 euros. It is a curious move for the high-end label which retails headsets […]

  • IFA Berlin Day 3

    IFA Berlin Day 3

  • IFA BERLIN Day 2

    IFA BERLIN Day 2

  • IFA DAY Day One

    IFA DAY Day One

    IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera (WERBUNG)  A day full of surprises at IFA.   The market for consumer electronics is going strong.  Many brands are becoming design focus as technology moves into every room of the modern house.  I was in a state of shock when an IFA colleague told me the new […]

  • Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Headphones are objects of tech popularity. Black is the new Black with centered white letters is the latest style trend in my fitness circle. While at the gym I noticed a number of members using Marshall’s. The connected fit sect has moved on to a new brand. Bold colored head devices with a stylized “b” […]

  • It Sounds Perfect!

    It Sounds Perfect!

    During IFA 2017 I had an audiophile experience that boarded on life changing.  I had the opportunity to listen to the Bang and Olufsen Beosound Shape,  amazing, another dimension to sound quality. The Black and Paper interview with Petros Belimpasaksi, head of Sound Category and Platform for Bang and Olufsen. What is the history of […]

  • Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 AfterShockz

    Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 AfterShockz

    Tech Q&A Review from Black and Paper  The AfterShockz Wireless Trekz Titanium Headphones are connected via Bluetooth to smartphones and other listening devices.  They are good for running, and other exercise. What did you like about the AfterShockz Wireless? While I am riding my bike using the headsets I can hear everything around me, in […]