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Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The first thing you notice about these Skullcandy Ink’d wireless Bluetooth headphones is how light they are. Initially this can give the impression of them being cheap and disposable. But you will soon find that the opposite is true and the design grows on you. They are a flexible collar-style fit and extremely comfortable. What’s more, after a short while you barely feel that you are wearing them. This makes it easy to go about your daily duties, at work or jogging in the park, with ease. The slim low-profile design means not attracting attention. They easily blend in to whatever you are wearing.  

As for the quality, Skullcandy’s Ink’d is a consistently decent sound quality that compliments its already comfortable design fit. For one, it avoids the treble and bass push you get from many contemporary headphones so has a balanced decent clarity sound in the midrange. The drawback on reduction in bass means these aren’t going to be the greatest headphones for every type of music. However, it still competes well against other neckband-style Bluetooth headphones on offer. 

It also functions as a headset for making and receiving cellphone calls with an instant pause on the music as notification. The integrated remote is on the left side of the neckband and the controls are large and easy to operate by touch. When fully charged, the battery life is somewhere around seven hours which is pretty good. Perhaps the only drawback is that it’s missing extra features like magnetized buds and there’s also no way to adjust the cord lengths. Overall though, better than it looks and definitely competitive in its price range. 

By Steven Yates