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  • Stardust

    The first film based on the life of famed music artist David Bowie.  Stardust tells the story of the 24 year old musician before his debut in the United States.   Directed by Gabriel Range starring Johnny Flynn. 

  • Tech Review

    What did Steve think of the affordable Monolith Headphones?  First, the Monolith M300 Planar Headphone set is sumptuously packaged in a deluxe black box that slides out to reveal a leather case with Velcro closure containing a heavy duty plastic headphone with long nylon cable, and metal adaptor. There are also different size plastic ear […]

  • Go RED!

    Go RED!

    A Black and Paper interview with Singer Musican  Ricky Rebel.   I like Ricky’s in your face spirit.  He is not afraid to express or show how he feels while doing it with a smile and a show off my body attitude.  After the attention his Red Carpet look got at the Grammys, we had […]

  • Affordable Listening

    Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Bluetooth Headphones The first thing you notice about these Skullcandy Ink’d wireless Bluetooth headphones is how light they are. Initially this can give the impression of them being cheap and disposable. But you will soon find that the opposite is true and the design grows on you. They are a flexible collar-style […]

  • Being HERSELF!

    Being HERSELF!

    Jaki Nelson is an ordinary, relaxed Angeleno.  Even if considering her school mates were Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  With dreams and talent, she set herself on a musical course.  The Billboard charting artist is currently preparing to tour to promote her new works.   Read the exclusive Black and Paper interview. Who was your musical […]

  • ANC Skullcandy

    ANC Skullcandy

    My initial impression of the new Skullcandy Venue Noise Canceling Wireless is favorable. I have not given the headphones the full test yet, this is a first impression. The finish feels premium, snug fit, a bit weighty but not uncomfortable. On the design side, no logo overbranding on the side of the ear pads. The […]

  • An IFA 2018 Highlight

    An IFA 2018 Highlight

    A Headset Conversation Sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  I had an interesting conversation at IFA 2018 with a audiophile. This journalist writes about audio products, in particular headphones. German audio group Beyerdynamic just introduced a new entry level in ear set for 25 euros. It is a curious move for the high-end label which retails headsets […]

  • Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Headphones are objects of tech popularity. Black is the new Black with centered white letters is the latest style trend in my fitness circle. While at the gym I noticed a number of members using Marshall’s. The connected fit sect has moved on to a new brand. Bold colored head devices with a stylized “b” […]

  • Aretha Franklin RIP

    Aretha Franklin has passed. For African Americans it is like a Grand Aunt who will never come over for a visit again. She carried herself with confidence. Unlike other singers of time, Franklin’s voice had strength. A Pastor’s daughter brought up during the Civil Rights, the singer put her emotions in songs that would define […]

  • Shut Up!

    Black and Paper interview with filmmaker Philipp Jedicke, his first film, “Shut Up and Play the Piano”  a mockumentary following the life of Musical Artist Chilly Gonzales premiered at the Berlinale. Why did you choose to make a documentary as your first film project? I interviewed Chilly Gonzales when I was a journalist. As I learned […]