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  • Can Motorola Rise Again?

    Can Motorola Rise Again?

    The Motorola Razr Flip Smartphone hits the right marks. But can this tech throwback re-establish the once cutting edge brand? Stay tuned for the review and opinion.

  • Going Green Tech

    Going Green Tech

    Green Tech Berlin arrived with 200 exhibitors showcasing products and services. The two day fair is a place to learn about products and services tackling carbon zero and sustainability challenges with fresh ideals. German automotive company presented a mini concept car made from recycled and 3-D printed materials.  The 240hp was made by twelve interns […]

  • Going Green This Week

    Going Green This Week

    Many industries converge this week for Green Tech Berlin. Because the topic of sustainability is on everyone’s agenda, we decided to see what happens at this conference with topics on fashion, mobility, technology and travel.

  • Apple’s iPad Souped Up Surprise

    Apple’s iPad Souped Up Surprise

    Can Apple get its groove back? The tech giant has set the trends over the past years.  The Cupertino California based brand gave the world iPhones, iPods, Air Pods, and iPads, but lately the $2 trillion valued giant seems to have lost its glow.  At one time a new product announcement gained the equivalency of […]

  • Cheerful and Robotic

    Enchanted Tools had a stand at IFA 2023 in the Robot Hall. The Parisian start up fuses robotic technology and animation creating artificial life based on approachability rather than intimidation.

  • A Robot Named EEVE

    During IFA 2023 while walking around I saw the EEVE in the IFA Next Hall. What came to my mind, “I’ve seen this before?” I had a quick talk with founder with Wesley Lorrez. The Belgium born explained the design influence of the Garden mower cam from a Pixar film. As Lorrez told me WALL-E […]

  • More from IFA 2023

    More from IFA 2023

    More of our picks from IFA 2023.

  • Tech Highlights from IFA 2023

    Tech Highlights from IFA 2023

    IFA 2023 had some curious devices on display. The Global tech event never disappoints for debuting newest and sometimes curious gadgets that may or may not be in a store near you.

  • The IFA 2023 Breakdown

    The IFA 2023 Breakdown

    IFA Berlin 2023 closed on September 5th. The annual technology event is a go to not only for seeing the latest gadgets but also for tech trends. The 99th edition shook off the post Covid malaise from the previous year. 130,000 square meters were sold out with brands and companies from around the world. Since […]

  • Robot Stories Preview

    Robot Stories Preview

    At IFA 2023 there was a preview of robots. Will these mechanical creations be on the streets or in our houses soon? We have an upcoming podcast from a tech start up on the future uses of robotic technology.