Apple iPad

Apple’s iPad Souped Up Surprise

Can Apple get its groove back? The tech giant has set the trends over the past years.  The Cupertino California based brand gave the world iPhones, iPods, Air Pods, and iPads, but lately the $2 trillion valued giant seems to have lost its glow.  At one time a new product announcement gained the equivalency of a royal proclamation.  Gone are the lines of fans waiting outside stores for their latest cultural changing gadgets. Now, the celebration is muted.  

“Let Loose” was Apple’s reveal of new iPads.  After two years the lineup got a few updates with OLED screens and M4 new chip suitable for AI processing.  The most striking feature, the iPad Pro is the thinnest device by the company at 5.3 mm thin for the 11-inch model.

11 and 13 inch models

The other surprise, the 10th generation iPad starts at $349, $100 cheaper than previous models.  Even Apple understands consumers are feeling the inflation squeeze.