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  • Apple’s iPad Souped Up Surprise

    Apple’s iPad Souped Up Surprise

    Can Apple get its groove back? The tech giant has set the trends over the past years.  The Cupertino California based brand gave the world iPhones, iPods, Air Pods, and iPads, but lately the $2 trillion valued giant seems to have lost its glow.  At one time a new product announcement gained the equivalency of […]

  • Getting Around The City

    Getting Around The City

    More from the InnoTrans 2022 event of mobility and transportation. The move to digital experience has accelerated. The trend of big companies and governments embracing start ups and smaller companies to help solve key problems facing transportation. One Berlin based start up is teaming up with DBahn for a car hailing service as part of […]

  • Tech Family Member

    Tech Family Member

    My fast and first impressions of the Neato D10. The robot is now a part of the flat. Was it a reluctant choice? No. The self learning vacuum cleans the floor in 39 minutes. After a few tries the N10 navigates the floor with no problem. “It’s very efficient.” Although, the map drawing part of […]



    I saw Bob at IFA 2020. A cute, small and stylish mini dishwasher, the perfect counter top appliance for cramped quarters. Bob is now available in stores.

  • Digital Motivation 2022

    Digital Motivation 2022

    I need a Garmin now. I tested the device during a lock down and at the gym. Today, after spending Christmas in South Germany, I am on lean workout program to drop 4 kilos for an end goal of 79 kilos. Too bad Santa did not leave this tech wearable under the tree after feasting […]

  • Christmas 2021 Gift Idea

    Christmas 2021 Gift Idea

    I tried a Garmin during the lockdown and then in the gym. My quick verdict: I want one. Stay Tuned for a more complete review.

  • Jabra gives Sound

    Jabra gives Sound

    I started using my Jabra 75T ear buds at the gym. My initial verdict. YES! Stay Tuned for the full review.

  • My Gym Partner

    I just returned the Garmin 945.  What did I think? I am writing my review. Stay tuned for my opinion. 

  • IFA 20

    IFA 20

    More highlights from IFA 20.  Stay Tuned for the videos. We produced a few. 

  • Tech August-Xiaomi Mi

    A quick first impression of the Xiaomi 10 5G Smartphone.  A high-end feel, sharp screen, lightweight Android power device packing great features.   Stay Tuned for more details.  From the Vodafone Ring Centre and Fonschmiede Berlin.