Getting Around The City

More from the InnoTrans 2022 event of mobility and transportation. The move to digital experience has accelerated. The trend of big companies and governments embracing start ups and smaller companies to help solve key problems facing transportation. One Berlin based start up is teaming up with DBahn for a car hailing service as part of monthly metro pass.

Autonomous automobiles were talked about, but I am not convinced. Right now this technology is in its infancy with many questions.

As I have written, I am in favour of anything that can get me around a city in less time.

VDL bus (Below) set the tone of a Star Trek Spaceship. Captain Picard could be at the helm.

Soon, there will be more charging stations on the streets. I liked the Digital screen and minimal look of EM Card.

Traveling Los Angeles could get easier in the future with these two modes of transportation.

Skoda showed off a long train. I am sure there is enough space for all during rush hour. A Spanish tech company Zeleros told me their hyper loop concept will be operation in 2030.

Zipping around Paris for fashion Week will be easier on this rolling stock. Berlin Seating interior. I know this Milan Metro Line 1 interior all too well, during Milan Fashion Week it is my de-facto limo.