• Robot Stories Preview

    Robot Stories Preview

    At IFA 2023 there was a preview of robots. Will these mechanical creations be on the streets or in our houses soon? We have an upcoming podcast from a tech start up on the future uses of robotic technology.

  • Sears & tech trends in 2023

    Sears & tech trends in 2023

    Once upon time there was a major American department store named “Sears”. The Chicago based chain covered the retail landscape coast to coast from big cities to small towns offering everything from toys, clothes and household goods. What made Sears special? The once mighty retailer had Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances. Those two labels had […]

  • Lux and FIFA

    Lux and FIFA

    The FIFA World Cup starts this weekend. If you have deep pockets and want the ultimate viewing experience check out the new displays from Loewe. The historic German brand just released a series of televisions just in time for the global sports event. The razor thin ICONIC display is a technical marvel at 7999 euros.

  • Getting Around The City

    Getting Around The City

    More from the InnoTrans 2022 event of mobility and transportation. The move to digital experience has accelerated. The trend of big companies and governments embracing start ups and smaller companies to help solve key problems facing transportation. One Berlin based start up is teaming up with DBahn for a car hailing service as part of […]



    The LG Hall at IFA 2022 was a stylish surprise. Designer MOOOI showcased a home living connected design. Stay tuned for all the devices from LG and other tech brands showing at IFA until 6th.

  • Tech Trends 2022

    IFA Berlin 2022 is around the corner. What are the technology trends? Smart Home connection Energy Efficient Appliances and Gadgets View the World Cup For complete coverage of IFA 2022 check back here for news, interviews and reviews and tech gadgets.

  • Tech Coming Soon

    Tech Coming Soon

    The IFA Innovations Media Brief 2022 took place July 13th and 14th. The annual technology preview event happened seven weeks before the launch Berlin consumer electronic show after a two year absence due to Covid. While a smaller than past IMB’s gathering, the atmosphere was enthusiastic if not intimate. Pinpointing a micro trend, staying comfortable […]

  • IFA IMB 2022

    IFA IMB 2022

    Technology news is back in the Black and Paper. After two years the IFA IMB is back. A nice size preview consumer electronics trends. July 13th and 14th at the City Cube the biggest technology brands offer a small size sampling of the upcoming IFA fair in September.

  • Testing the Neato Bot

    Testing the Neato Bot

    i got the new Neato D10 robot vacuum to put through the test. Does it work? My first impressions. I am not too sure about the app. The actual vacuum device has a good feel. In two weeks, I’ll tell you my impressions.

  • One Survived The Rain,

    One Survived The Rain,

    The Jabra Elite Earplugs, I got a pair in the mail from the public relations agency. I already use the brand’s Evolve 2 on hear device.  My recommendation: Get a pair. The bluetooth earbuds are a solid superior piece of music gear with voice prompts and noise cancellation features. For daily use at the gym […]