Tech Coming Soon

The IFA Innovations Media Brief 2022 took place July 13th and 14th. The annual technology preview event happened seven weeks before the launch Berlin consumer electronic show after a two year absence due to Covid.

While a smaller than past IMB’s gathering, the atmosphere was enthusiastic if not intimate. Pinpointing a micro trend, staying comfortable in the house, as the world has gone through lock downs, appliance producers showed off gadgets for nesting indoors.

Being a sucker for an invitation, Tineco sent me an invite to check out their new dry-wet mop. No more back bends or hands in dirty water, sounds promising. The Chinese brand introduced the Floor One S5 cleaning device with screen, a very high tech mop. Would I buy it? Yes.

German home ware maker Karcher showed off a new white minimalistic air purifier design with a trace of the brand’s yellow trademark. The shocking part of the new device, no app. The user has to physically operate the new gadget. Would I buy it? Maybe

Swiss luxury coffee machine maker showed off their newest counter top cafe product with an LCD display along with more features for coffee lovers. Would the Jura? Pricey.

Berlin start up Mitte Home unveiled a mineral water purifying home appliance using cartridges. Would I buy it? I have to think it.

The other Swiss brand, Bru served up a hassle free way of making tea without mess. Would I buy it? Maybe.


Honorable mention presentations at IFA IMB.

Bosch introduced a new graphite washer machine. The white good appliance had a startling look.

Miele’s high end smooth kitchen aesthetic deserve a look featuring smooth edges and clean surfaces.

A Repair not Throwaway conference was interesting. As the world becomes more concerned about the planet, tech garbage filling up landfills is big concern.

IFA 2022 takes place in Berlin from September 2nd to September 6th. Looking forward to it.