About Black and Paper

Black and Paper

Black and Paper has been going on for eight years. We are happy for the continued support. “Thank You” to all our readers.

Defining what we are, inform and inspire, a website with a slogan: Too Much of A Good Thing is Wonderful.

Being “Stylecentric” we tend to look for subjects that stimulate the visual sense or an emotion, be it in the form a place, a gadget, a book, or clothing. “Stylecentic” is not only about looks, it is an approach to life from what is worn, to what is read, to what influences the senses. Having your own style means being courageous.

Moving forward, there are many opportunities we are looking forward to pursuing, more video and podcasting content with a few other surprises.

Our motto is “Too much of a good thing is Wonderful.”

Contact: info@blackandpaper.com