jabra earbud

One Survived The Rain,

The Jabra Elite Earplugs, I got a pair in the mail from the public relations agency. I already use the brand’s Evolve 2 on hear device. 

My recommendation: Get a pair. The bluetooth earbuds are a solid superior piece of music gear with voice prompts and noise cancellation features. For daily use at the gym for my 90 minute routine, there have never been problems with the fitting during workouts. Tap features make for easy use and connectivity with with my music playlist.

Thankfully the Elites are waterproof. One dropped from my back on the side walk in front of my flat. It rained the same night. I went looking the next day, found it, placed the bud in the recharger case, worked as if nothing happened.

After using a cheaper brands headphone, The Elite 75 pro has a superior sound quality. I have used the microphone because normally, I do not take so many calls on my smartphone.

Battery life is good, I normally recharge the two after days usage.