A Robot Named EEVE

During IFA 2023 while walking around I saw the EEVE in the IFA Next Hall. What came to my mind, “I’ve seen this before?”

I had a quick talk with founder with Wesley Lorrez. The Belgium born explained the design influence of the Garden mower cam from a Pixar film. As Lorrez told me WALL-E was the inspiration behind the grass cutter. Instead of something industrial, he and his team focused on expression instead of complete functionality. A fan of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, the startup head wanted to create a different type of gardening robot. EEVE was developed in Waregem, Belgium.


Instead of just being a tool, the intelligent mower with green puppy eyes, EEVE could become a part of the family.

With the ability to learn the landscape after one demonstration. Instead of obtrusive noise associated with mowers, the four blades run silent under the three wheeled AI device. The 4K camera allows the user to have a POV.

EEVE makes mowing the grass a cuter experience.