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  • Evolve 2-40-My WorkHorse

    Evolve 2-40-My WorkHorse

    The New Year opened with yet another lockdown. The world is now working from home. A dramatic shift from going to the office to living room then being linked to colleagues via Zoom. The New Normal makes connected tech more important. My headphone of choice these days has been the Jabra Evolve2-40. Positioned as an office […]

  • Tech Review

    What did Steve think of the affordable Monolith Headphones?  First, the Monolith M300 Planar Headphone set is sumptuously packaged in a deluxe black box that slides out to reveal a leather case with Velcro closure containing a heavy duty plastic headphone with long nylon cable, and metal adaptor. There are also different size plastic ear […]

  • Affordable Listening

    Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Bluetooth Headphones The first thing you notice about these Skullcandy Ink’d wireless Bluetooth headphones is how light they are. Initially this can give the impression of them being cheap and disposable. But you will soon find that the opposite is true and the design grows on you. They are a flexible collar-style […]

  • An IFA 2018 Highlight

    An IFA 2018 Highlight

    A Headset Conversation Sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  I had an interesting conversation at IFA 2018 with a audiophile. This journalist writes about audio products, in particular headphones. German audio group Beyerdynamic just introduced a new entry level in ear set for 25 euros. It is a curious move for the high-end label which retails headsets […]

  • Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Headphones are objects of tech popularity. Black is the new Black with centered white letters is the latest style trend in my fitness circle. While at the gym I noticed a number of members using Marshall’s. The connected fit sect has moved on to a new brand. Bold colored head devices with a stylized “b” […]

  • IFA 2017 Press Days 1

    IFA 2017 Press Days 1

    Black and Paper Highlights from IFA Press Day 1 August 30th. So much to see and experience today from the world’s largest consumer tech fair, connected houses, smart devices, and wireless were the themes of the day. Skullcandy introduced a new series of premium but affordable headphones.  Sleek, soft, and wireless, the Hesh listening devices […]

  • IFA 2017

    IFA 2017

    IFA 2017 starts tomorrow. Highlights for Black and Paper Day 1 of Press Dates Siemens Miele Asus Skullcandy Bang Olufusen Connectivity is the ongoing trend along with VR technology.   Stay tuned for more details.

  • IFA


      IFA16 Highlights Bang and Olufsen Futuristic minimalism in the shape of a cone from Bang and Olufsen, always known for superior sound quality, the brand played to its strength by introducing two wireless 360 degree speaker designs, the small BeoSound 1 and larger BeoSound 2.  Both are rechargeable with a battery life of 16 […]

  • IFA 2016

    IFA 2016

    IFA 2016 Highlights YEVO An intriguing product was the Yevo 1 smart wireless headphones.  These small, futuristic earbuds reminded me of Lt. Uhura’s ear piece from Star Trek, with touch control, 20 hour battery life and a microphone. There is a noise cancellation feature.  We did not test them but I will keep you posted. […]

  • Headphones + Lux = Pryma

    Headphones + Lux = Pryma

      The Black and Paper Q&A with Pryma How does the brand fuse fashion without sacrificing sound quality? Sonus faber has been handcrafting the finest loudspeakers in the industry for almost 40 years. Sound quality is our heritage, and elegance is in our DNA. Every single one of our speakers was designed with a unique […]