An IFA 2018 Highlight

A Headset Conversation

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I had an interesting conversation at IFA 2018 with a audiophile. This journalist writes about audio products, in particular headphones. German audio group Beyerdynamic just introduced a new entry level in ear set for 25 euros. It is a curious move for the high-end label which retails headsets at 1200 euros. The bottom to middle range market is competitive. This move was about introducing the brand to a younger crowd in the hopes of attracting long term loyalty. Saying they are aimed at a young group with their bright orange color as well the sound range is meant for pop music.

Going Youthful and colourful

At the top end clients tend to be loyal to one brand, expecting a very specific sound quality.

I have not used the new in ear set yet. The audio writer gave the Beyerdynamic pair a good review, “well designed” and “comfortable”. .

We started talking about the ear buds. Many brands have new models. Our discussion turned to Apple AirPods. His review was than stellar, saying they lacked real sound quality. This is coming form a guy working on a MacBook attached to iPhone with an iPad in the bag. CALL THE STEVE JOBS POLICE! A fan is going ROGUE on an Apple product. I proceeded with caution in my questioning, trying to hide my shock. The story I was told at the press table, “people are buying into the concept”, not the quality of the product or the sound. Walking down the street with white plastic dripping from the ears looking “ultra in” at 180 euros a pop, the price you pay for being a part of tech first adapter. A pair of 20 euros headphones with cord will do a better job or even a lower price cordless set. You learn something new everyday, especially at IFA.

I will let you know what I think of my new in ear Byerdynamic headsets shortly.