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  • APPLE 2018

    It is the middle of September, the annual roll out of Apple’s new devices is upon us. All eyes are on Cupertino. Apple Watch is the #1 Smartwatch in the world. It is like taking sand to a beach. Apple Watch is the #1 watch in the world. I’ll be the JUDGE OF THAT! It […]

  • An IFA 2018 Highlight

    An IFA 2018 Highlight

    A Headset Conversation Sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  I had an interesting conversation at IFA 2018 with a audiophile. This journalist writes about audio products, in particular headphones. German audio group Beyerdynamic just introduced a new entry level in ear set for 25 euros. It is a curious move for the high-end label which retails headsets […]

  • Sportswear Fabulous!

    Sportswear Fabulous!

    ISPO in Munich is a major sportswear fashion trade fair where leading and start up brands come together to show off their latest collections and wares ranging from snowboards to fitness and extreme sport apparel. This year there was an emphasis on sustainability and womenswear.  Anouk Groen is a technology trend forecaster living in The […]

  • Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 AfterShockz

    Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 AfterShockz

    Tech Q&A Review from Black and Paper  The AfterShockz Wireless Trekz Titanium Headphones are connected via Bluetooth to smartphones and other listening devices.  They are good for running, and other exercise. What did you like about the AfterShockz Wireless? While I am riding my bike using the headsets I can hear everything around me, in […]

  • Gear S3 from Samsung

    Gear S3 from Samsung

    At IFA 16 Samsung unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Gear S3.  My verdict: NO! Still not compelling enough or stylish to warrant a purchase. I got a personal demonstration, then had hands on time. Coming in two styles, the first is based on an elegant classic design style.  The second is a sportier, rugged design […]

  • IFA


      IFA16 Highlights Bang and Olufsen Futuristic minimalism in the shape of a cone from Bang and Olufsen, always known for superior sound quality, the brand played to its strength by introducing two wireless 360 degree speaker designs, the small BeoSound 1 and larger BeoSound 2.  Both are rechargeable with a battery life of 16 […]

  • Dreaming of Tech Silk

    The Age of Wearable Technology is upon us. REALLY?!   Wearable Technology, also known as wearables and wearable tech, is a mobile, non-stationary computing device fitted for the body providing communication, interaction, and information to the user. The two main categories of wearables are smartwatches and smart clothing. Wearable technology will affect our appearance as […]

  • Tech Meets FASHION