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  • Jabra gives Sound

    Jabra gives Sound

    I started using my Jabra 75T ear buds at the gym. My initial verdict. YES! Stay Tuned for the full review.

  • Styles on Vogue

    Fashion and music playing the gender bender or gender free game is not new. Let’s look back at David Bowie and Grace Jones, these two originals broke all the rules. Today, Harry Styles, the first solo man on the cover of Vogue USA has the right conservative movement up in arms. The always oozing appeal […]

  • On Cardi B’s WAP

    Girl’s just want to have fun! But in Cardi B’s world,,,it is a more explicit.  Normally I do not post about social media trends on music. But “WAP” caused a stir on its release.  I can see why.  The single leaves little to the imagination about what Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion expect and want […]

  • Go RED!

    Go RED!

    A Black and Paper interview with Singer Musican  Ricky Rebel.   I like Ricky’s in your face spirit.  He is not afraid to express or show how he feels while doing it with a smile and a show off my body attitude.  After the attention his Red Carpet look got at the Grammys, we had […]

  • Aretha Franklin RIP

    Aretha Franklin has passed. For African Americans it is like a Grand Aunt who will never come over for a visit again. She carried herself with confidence. Unlike other singers of time, Franklin’s voice had strength. A Pastor’s daughter brought up during the Civil Rights, the singer put her emotions in songs that would define […]

  • It Sounds Perfect!

    It Sounds Perfect!

    During IFA 2017 I had an audiophile experience that boarded on life changing.  I had the opportunity to listen to the Bang and Olufsen Beosound Shape,  amazing, another dimension to sound quality. The Black and Paper interview with Petros Belimpasaksi, head of Sound Category and Platform for Bang and Olufsen. What is the history of […]

  • THE ONE Grand Show with Gaultier in Berlin

    THE ONE Grand Show with Gaultier in Berlin

    THE ONE Grand Show French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has arrived in Berlin collaborating with the Friedrichstadt-Palast for the stage show The ONE Grand Show.   Opening October 6, the 11 million euros spectacular show features performers from 26 nations with 500 costumes on the world’s largest stage. Director and writer Roland Welke is the […]

  • Headphones + Lux = Pryma

    Headphones + Lux = Pryma

      The Black and Paper Q&A with Pryma How does the brand fuse fashion without sacrificing sound quality? Sonus faber has been handcrafting the finest loudspeakers in the industry for almost 40 years. Sound quality is our heritage, and elegance is in our DNA. Every single one of our speakers was designed with a unique […]



    Berlin CSD is coming up.  There have been many events in the run up to Saturday’s parade.  Black and Paper chronicled Perfromer Ruda Puda during a stage performance with colleagues at Potsdamer Platz for Berlin Queer Days. Choosing and Getting the Looks Together.  Two  costumes in particular were very elaborate with feathers giving the effect […]