THE ONE Grand Show with Gaultier in Berlin

THE ONE Grand Show

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has arrived in Berlin collaborating with the Friedrichstadt-Palast for the stage show The ONE Grand Show.   Opening October 6, the 11 million euros spectacular show features performers from 26 nations with 500 costumes on the world’s largest stage. Director and writer Roland Welke is the creative force behind “THE ONE Grand Show” employing streams of images in the form of slow motion effects, cross fades, and multi-dimension effects.  The show is nothing if not ambitious on all levels from staging to the physical movements and acrobatics of the performers.

Starring German Eurovision Song Contest representative Roman Lob as the young party guest and Brigette Oelke from the musical “We Will Rock You” in the role of the theatre manager THE ONE Grand Show  is packed with tunes from Kate Victoria and Gregor Meyle.

I sat for a preview press performance of THE ONE Grand Show in Berlin.    The costumes were classic Gaultier albeit a little toned down, with eye catching looks filled with, counter culture sexuality mixed with  plaid men’s kilts, conical bras, Breton stripes, panel, nude toned body suits,  and iconic corsets.  A perfect combination of dancers and Gaultier, the former understood the fluidity and fun of the creations by the Parisian couturier without being dominated by them, not an easy feat but they pulled off.

I admit it.  I wanted to see the costumes from Mr. Gaultier and they did disappoint.  Androgyny, a wide color palette all infused the stage like a field of butterflies.  I would not say the looks were provocative for 2016 but titillating for mainstream audiences, pure eye candy delight.   There are so many signature looks it is a bit difficult to include them all but the ones that stood out were: Red conned dress with red hairstyles, the nude tones on the male dancers, colored splashed suit, and of course the feathered outfits.   If you are a John Paul Gaultier fan you will not be disappointed.

THE ONE Grand Show is currently at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.

Images by Vladimir Sichov.