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  • Rent Not Buy This Season

    Rent Not Buy This Season

    There is a fashion option of renting over buying this holiday season. Check out our Podcast series Before Tacky on WeDress Collective.

  • Y Champagne, Why Not?

    Y Champagne, Why Not?

    Superstar Yoshiki and Pommery Champagne held a launch event in Berlin at the top of the Waldorf Astoria. The musician collaborated with the house for a luxury sparkling wine based on his passion for bubbly. For this Before Tacky episode we spoke to Japanese musician about when he drinks Champagne and some quick words on […]

  • An Island is the World

    I screened THE ISLAND for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The description of the animated feature read “Non traditional storytelling”. I have to agree. Romanian filmmaker Anca Damian made a film with some outlandish scenes combined modern commentary. A Black and Paper interview with Director Anca Damian. What is the human condition of the story? […]

  • Timepieces for Everyday

    Timepieces for Everyday

    A watch is a statement piece for every mood, for everyday. A style expression of how what the wearer wants to say: Feeling good, wear a  colourful style. Feeling serious, go with a classic style.  Affordable watch maker The Camden Watch Company of London produces a big range of watches, a style fit for every […]

  • A Quick Interview in Milan

    During Milan Fashion Week it was refreshing to meet a person who appreicuates and supports fashion designer . A “fashion influencer” is a person who goes to shows and posts endless selfies with freebies from brands.  How many “Influencers” really support designers or brands? Meeting Briana Linea of  Instagram  account “Fashion_Fridays”, 330.000 followers, was refreshing. […]

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  • L’Homme Couture 2

    L’Homme Couture 2

    Part 2 of the Black and Paper interview with photographer Brice Hardelin on his exhibition L’Homme Couture: A Photographic Odyssey.  Brice and I had a good time talking about his work over a glass of white wine. His career is going forward in many directions. He had just completed a well received  male firemen calendar. […]

  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum Opens


  • France 24With Fergie

  • A Model Job!