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  • The Lagerfeld Treatment

    The Lagerfeld Treatment

    The iconic fashion designer gets his own bio-series on Disney+. Karl Lagerfeld was nothing if not a flamboyant mega-talent. The German born figure took no prisoners in his larger than life voyage to the top of the fashion world. Daniel Bruhl stars in Becoming Lagerfeld, available today.

  • On Change in Fashion

    On Change in Fashion

    Change is inevitable, in the fashion business, change is often.  The news from New York took the industry by surprise.  Calvin Klein announced the appointment of Veronica Leoni as creative head, the female to lead he label.  The brand plans to return to the runway schedule.  Why this change of strategy?   Parent company owner PVH […]

  • Got Back

    Got Back

    Today, I got back my repaired Nudie Jeans. That was fast, the hole got repaired. Better than going out buying a new pair. Here is hoping these last a few more years with a lot of wear. To buy a pair of jeans or use the free repair service, the Nudie Jeans store is located […]

  • What are the answers?

    A few questions to ask. Today it is hard to answer because of media overload and desperate attention seeking. What is ELEGANCE in 2024? Why does modern style lack NUANCE? Has glamour become a CIRCUS? Is fashion inspiring or SILLY? What’s the definition of Celebrity OVEREXPOSURE?

  • Met Gala’s Garden

    The Met Gala happened yesterday.  The ultimate “LOOK AT ME “Red Carpet ceremony went off without a hitch after brokering a last-minute deal averting a strike involving NewsGuild members of Conde Nast employees. Anna Wintour took center stage.  The Vogue head has transformed the event into the most important annual fashion ritual on the calendar […]

  • A Conversation with Brett

    A Conversation with Brett

    Designer Brett Johnson returns for a conversation on this Before Tacky episode. The Milan luxury fashion head talks about his vision for his label, the quiet luxury trend and the current state of the industry.

  • Talley’s Chiffon Trenches

    Talley’s Chiffon Trenches

    I finally read Andre Leon Talley’s book The Chiffon Trenches, the fashion authority’s memoir published in 2020.  The Brown University graduate shows his gift of flowery as well melodramatic language describing his pioneering life in the fabulous  stratosphere.  However, therein lies the problem with the book.  The author weaving the tales got tangled in the […]

  • Fashion’s TOPSY TURVY

    As the fashion world moves along its topsy turvy twists and turns, the latest news makes a person’s head shake. MET GALA The MET Gala is coming up.  The New York City Soiree is the Red-Carpet event for the rich and famous.  Anne Wintour’s grand showcase is where fashion labels pay a celebrity to show […]

  • At Nudie Again

    At Nudie Again

    Another Nudie Jeans post, The denim brand is a staple of my wardrobe. I met the founders in Berlin at Bread and Butter in the early 2000’s. The label has always stood for sustainable. I got my first pair in 2012, I’ve been a fan ever since. The Repair Bar in the Hackersham Market Store […]

  • The S WORD @ Press Days

    The S WORD @ Press Days

    During two cold days in April, Berlin’s fashion and lifestyle press agencies held the bi-annual Press Days events for journalist and influencers visiting offices around the city.  Beauty took front and center, with high end, drugstore, traditional and new labels getting the word out their products are on the shelves.  The second noticeable trend, sustainability. […]