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  • Made to Measure

    Made to Measure

    What is the best gift to give that special guy this Christmas?  Something that feels good on the skin yet makes him feel special underneath.  A Black and Paper Production by Brice Hardelin and Samuel Rosseau from Paris.  



    I could not decide on which card to use.  Each one is a bit different but,,, honestly, is the viewer really going to notice the letters?  By Brice Hardelin from Paris with model Samuel. 

  • Boxer and Briefs Underwear behind the Scene

  • Brief Encounter

  • Faces from the Archive

    Enjoy a few faces from the archives.  

  • Mr. Moustache A GO GO

    Mr. Moustache A GO GO

    During CSD Berlin I could not help but notice this guy completely energized resembling the sexy Cowboy from the Village People complete with upturned hazel mustache. He was giving crowd body movement like a male pole dancer in leather gear. People were screaming “sexy” at him. What a PRO! Sadly, I did not get his […]

  • Not Just Eye Candy!

    Not Just Eye Candy!

    Can a model speak? The answer is YES!They are more than just attractive faces attached to lean physiques. We interviewed one of these handsome men to prove there is more than eye candy to guys who make menswear clothing look good at Fashion Week.  Stay tuned here. Powered by Canon Camera.

  • Rock Star at Milan

    Rock Star at Milan

    Portuguese designer Miguel Vieira interprets masculine looks melted with the Rock & Roll, not veered on the safe side staying on the edge of classical looks. Stage superstar looks made of jacquards and faux fur were central themes of the collection. The press released read, “a celebration adventure” I would agree, but make the adventure […]

  • L’Homme Couture in Paris

    L’Homme Couture in Paris

    Part 1 of The Black and Paper  interview with photographer Brice Hardelin at the W Hotel Paris. What is the L’Homme Couture Exhibition? The ideal started with an editorial I did 4 years ago men with women’s accessories and jewelry.  I was approached to an editorial for Mellerio, the oldest jewelry house in Paris.  The […]

  • Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    The Hasselblad X1D is the latest model from the esteemed camera maker but what makes this medium format picture taking device different is the fact it is mirrorless. Compact, powerful, and rugged but with impressive handling dynamics. We tested the X1D by producing fashion shoot with Black and Paper Creative Colleague Dale Grant featuring looks […]