IFA 2016

IFA 2016 Highlights


An intriguing product was the Yevo 1 smart wireless headphones.  These small, futuristic earbuds reminded me of Lt. Uhura’s ear piece from Star Trek, with touch control, 20 hour battery life and a microphone. There is a noise cancellation feature.  We did not test them but I will keep you posted.

MONSTER (Showstoppers)

New generation of headphones and a modern take on the 70’s Boom Box, with the Monster Blaster was on display this season from Monster.  The on ear head devices are equipped with hi resolution audio, Bluetooth, swipe control, and direct digital capabilities.  Monster Blaster has 24 hour battery life built, in microphones. It is good for indoor and outdoor settings.


Another interesting take on a tablet entering the market has been introduced by TCL.  The Aess is an Android tablet/pc hybrid with either 15.6 or 17 inch screen capable of being positioned in four angles.  Easy for Multi-tasking with voice, gesture control and stylus.

UVIFY and Vuzix (Showstoppers)

Connected to the Vuzix VR helmet the Uvify racing drone is made for the ultimate leave your body experience.  It looks veracious. Camera, detachable arms, and fast battery charge are included.

Vuzix Iwear has a high level of video and audio performance.   The headgear is lightweight with options for complete immersion.   A high pixel number means images are sharp with good resolution.  Sound is clear.  I watched Kung Fu Panda.

The UVIFY cockpit and Vuzix headsets were connected when I tested them.  I wanted to FLY!!!!

LIFEPACK (Showstoppers)

A Solar Powered, anti-theft backpack, Lifepack, from Swedish brand Solgaard integrates a Solor bank, lock in a rugged, sleek carry bag.  The solar powered battery can be recharged in the sun, for a full charge, 4 hours is needed. Intelligent features include; Bluetooth speakers retractable locks on the zippers, drop proof laptop storage, work and personal zone and rain cover.

Stay tuned for more updates