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  • IFA 2016

    IFA 2016

    IFA 2016 Highlights YEVO An intriguing product was the Yevo 1 smart wireless headphones.  These small, futuristic earbuds reminded me of Lt. Uhura’s ear piece from Star Trek, with touch control, 20 hour battery life and a microphone. There is a noise cancellation feature.  We did not test them but I will keep you posted. […]

  • IFA2015 Highlights

    There were many highlights from IFA 2015 from smartwatches to smart appliances. The overall theme was connecting not just digitally but also emotionally. Whereas in the past devices were cold and impersonal today they represent our personalities. Our criteria’s were based on design or aesthetic that caught our attention.   We wanted the gadget to look good. […]