Canon EOS M3

EOS M3 EF-M18-55STM Beauty

I used the Canon EOS M3 for to make images and video on my trip to Paris. This is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.  Nice design and more importantly lightweight for handling. This was a key feature for me running around Paris for appointments; weight fatigue was not an issue because camera weighed around 4 grams.

I made over 1200 pictures in 3 days. Image quality was sharp using the 18 to 55 mm kit lens and 24 megapixels sensors.

Video specs were 1080/30p.   The quality was up to par for my tasks for on camera interviews.  The in camera microphone was satisfactory but I recommend an external microphone for interviewing.

Battery life is long lasting but in AF and video settings expect a shorter time expectancy.

I slipped the M3 in and out of my bag, many times taking pictures on the go, briefly stopping to take snapshots of store windows. The grip was balanced and comfortable.

EOS M3 EF-M22STM FRT LCD up Beauty

The Canon Menu Mode Dial as well as a 3 inch interface touchscreen, flips outward for easy use even in selfie mode. There is Wifi capability for remote wireless control and image transfer using your iOS or Android smartphone.

Overall the EOS M3 is a good camera

Random street images from Paris using the EOS M3

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