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  • Tiggiano’s Local Charm

    From Berlin to Tiggiano, Giacomo Cazzato talks about his charming town on the Adriatic Coast on our travel podcast. In a busy Berlin restaurant the mayor describes what makes this historical beach destination special. Check out the Clipper Inspired Podcast below

  • Cold, Windy and a Recharge.

    Cold, Windy and a Recharge.

    The annual trip to Usedom. As always in the past the weather is not idea for jumping in the water but a more reflective time. A quiet beach is the perfect place for a recharge only two hours away from Berlin.



    ITB Berlin continued to inspire travellers this past week.

  • Christmas in Nuremberg

    Christmas in Nuremberg

    The famous Nuremberg Christmas Market has opened. The Franconia capital is renowned for it’s festive atmosphere.

  • Look to Pompeii

    Look to Pompeii

    Modern civilisation should always look to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii for a lesson on humility and destruction.

  • A Schwerin Recharge

    A Schwerin Recharge

    In case you live in Berlin but need a quick recharge away from the city, a recommendation, Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A quick two hour drive away from the German Capital, the mid-sized city moves at a relaxed pace.

  • A Trendy Little Street in CPH

    A Trendy Little Street in CPH

    Jaegerborggade, there is a name not easy on the tongue. The Copenhagen street located in Norrebro area of the Danish capital, at first did not strike a visitor as trendy. While looking for the sign I missed it completely, walking two full blocks before asking a person for directions. Jaegerborggade is a narrow residential thoroughfare […]

  • Naples Revisited

    Naples Revisited

    A recent article in The Guardian newspaper described Napes as “the city of imminent doom.” A place where cool books and tv shows are set. Agreed. After my visit to the city in August 2021, in my opinion the Southern Italian city has an eccentric vibe. A place where everything past and present meet on […]

  • A Travel Gem

    As a traveler I spent time in Senegal on my West Africa journey, one day I will return. Meanwhile, stay tuned for a quick podcast interview with the tourism head about this gem of a destination.

  • A History of Time

    A History of Time

    Clipper Inspired covers time in this episode from Glashütte Germany. The Saxony town is the timepiece production of the country with history of watch production dating back over 170 years. Michael Hammer talks about the watch museum’s historical collection and heritage.