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  • My Paris Partner

    My Paris Partner

    I knew I had a noticeable camera for covering Paris Fashion Week Couture when the hotel staff told me to be careful walking around the city with a camera like this. The warning: Do not let that camera out of your sight. I took it to heart. The funny matter of the situation. At many […]

  • The Geek In Me

    Drones bring out the geek in me.  As a kid who played with toy airplanes, drones are the high tech evolution.  During IFA 2018 while on my to an appointment I happen to pass the DJI Drone stand.   I stopped to get a video.

  • Small but GREAT

    A Good Camera  As a person who is not a photographer but I take pictures at many events like fashion weeks, film festivals, and trade shows. I attended Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week Men recently. Two events where I needed to make a lot of images and videos. I wanted an SLR camera with […]

  • Filmmaker Ambition

    Sorry about the background noise.  If you need more information go to the second video. Overview. Specs  In this video I offer a few tech specs on the GH5.  

  • My Tech Accessory

    My Tech Accessory

    I used the Canon G1X for Pitti Uomo in Florence and Milan Fashion Week Men. I am not a professional photographer but the quality of pics I made with this camera were great. The look of the camera gave me an expert appearance.   It is light weight and powerful. My full review on this product […]

  • A Gucci Moment in Miland

    A Gucci Moment in Miland

    Black and Paper Re-See of the Gucci Fall 2017 Collection. The looks presented this season were inspired by the fantasies of Alessandro Michele.  There were 100 looks with many pieces ranging from oriental umbrellas to my personal favorite, sheer suits.  Feeling a bit like a couture collection, there were many rich details and embellishments, ranging […]

  • Pitti Images by Canon G9X

    Pitti Images by Canon G9X

    There is never a shortage of images from Pitti from looks to accessories to people. Day 1. Pitti Uomo from Florence Images by:  

  • Hasselblad Review

    Hasselblad Review

    Hasselblad X1D Review How did you start as a photographer? I became a photographer by chance.  I was studying International Relations in Paris, then panning to go to London to study law but as fate would have it I had a good friend who was a photographer.  I began assisting him then fell in love […]

  • Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    The Hasselblad X1D is the latest model from the esteemed camera maker but what makes this medium format picture taking device different is the fact it is mirrorless. Compact, powerful, and rugged but with impressive handling dynamics. We tested the X1D by producing fashion shoot with Black and Paper Creative Colleague Dale Grant featuring looks […]

  • Black and Paper Christmas List-DXO One

    Black and Paper Christmas List-DXO One

    DxO One Camera During IFA16 Week the Black and Paper caught with the founders of DxO One.  Not an ordinary camera, the DxO One is a pocket size camera that connects with the iPhone.    But do not let the size fool you.  This is a powerful camera capable of producing professional images. Designed around the […]