Small but GREAT

A Good Camera 

As a person who is not a photographer but I take pictures at many events like fashion weeks, film festivals, and trade shows. I attended Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week Men recently. Two events where I needed to make a lot of images and videos.

I wanted an SLR camera with many capabilities: external mic, able to shoot in all lighting conditions. Imagine my surprise seeing a point and shoot in the mail.

For YouTube

I got the SX740 HS point and shoot from Canon for a test. At first I was not sure if the camera would fit my needs. I wanted to send it back. To my surprise, the little image maker device worked well, easy to use, and convenient. 4K video feature is excellent, fantastic picture quality. I would say any YouTubber content producer would be happy to have this as their main production camera. It captures details. The flip 3.0” LCD screen is good for selfie lovers. I placed the camera on a tripod, then flipped up the screen for one man production.

The sound quality was my biggest concern because of the loud background noises. Normally I use an external microphone during interviews and commentaries. I made my first video commentary from Pitti Uomo using the Canon SX740 HS The sound quality was fine, good for YouTube and other social media channels.

I liked the portable aspect of the camera. I just popped the camera in and out of my jacket pocket at a moments notice. As I said, I am far from a professional photographer. My strategy for taking pictures, point a shoot, hope I get the right light and composition. I was not afraid to play with the camera control dial. I switched form one setting to another, experimenting with speed and opening.

Shooting in close quarter, I did not use the 40x optical zoom but not as much as I would have liked. I shot a few model on the runway pics without problems.

I did not use the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that enable connection to mobile devices. I do not carry a smartphone.


Canon has built a powerful camera in a small package. I am not just saying that. Check out other reviews as well.