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  • Red Carpet Inspired

    Check out the quick interview from the Milan Fashion Week with Designer Nitin Kartikeya.  I interviewed him at The Hub.    Sponsored by #CanonDeu

  • Paris Experiences

    Want to know what my experiences were like in Paris during Couture Week? Check out some of the videos.  It was never boring. Sometimes a challenge overcoming old values. All things considered, I plan on returning.  But Paris always excites me.  A Big Thank You to Canon.  They loaned me a camera. 

  • A review of the SX 740 HS Powershot

    I used the Canon Powershot SX 740 HS camera during Pitti Uomo in Florence and in Milan for Menswear Week.  I found it hand and practical for my needs because the best feature was I could slip it into my pocket on the run.  There are many other features to this solid point and shoot […]

  • Furla for 2019

    Furla for 2019

    An impressive presentation from luxury bag brand Furla at Milan Fashion Week, what was my opinion?  Creative Director Fabio Fusio based this bag collection on cities and gender neutrality.  

  • Can This Bag Survive?

    I travel a lot. Sadly, most of my luggage does not make it. I was fond of a stylish brand, but after several broken zippers, including a trolley bag breaking at the Milan Airport. Done! Rearranging clothing in an airport is not a glamorous look! At that moment, I decided to look for a new […]

  • Small but GREAT

    A Good Camera  As a person who is not a photographer but I take pictures at many events like fashion weeks, film festivals, and trade shows. I attended Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week Men recently. Two events where I needed to make a lot of images and videos. I wanted an SLR camera with […]

  • Not Over the TOP!

    Not Over the TOP!

    Menswear looks do not have to be over the top in oder to stand out.  Sometimes it is better to mix and match pieces to get the effect. At times an entire expressive look can be a style train wreck.  Too much is happening in all directions.  With mens fashion a way of standing out […]

  • Fashion Fusion at IFA

    Fashion Fusion is an initiativeby Telekom bring together design, fashion, and technology in all shapes and forms. More conceptual than practical, or even wearable.  These looks are an interesting interpretation of the what we “MAY” wear in the future. Imaged sponsored by Canon Camera /Webung 

  • From Berlinale: Michaela Coel

    A Future Star With Personality London born actress Actress Michaela Coel is effervescent.  When it came to chatting during press interviews at the Berlinale for the European Film Promotion program,  Shooting Stars, she exploded with energy.  Admitting  to not having filters, a character trait since childhood, her confidence glowed during the round table press chats.   A […]

  • Fake It Til,,

    Fake It Til,,

    FAKE IT! The age of “fake it til you make it” is upon us. The “Bling Culture” is about of looking rich if you are not. A substitution quick fix as a result of income inequality, lack of access to a better life so people show off. In your face consumption means being humble is […]