My Paris Partner

I knew I had a noticeable camera for covering Paris Fashion Week Couture when the hotel staff told me to be careful walking around the city with a camera like this. The warning: Do not let that camera out of your sight. I took it to heart. The funny matter of the situation. At many events i got asked, “Are you a photographer?” I could have been in the photographers pit. I gained respect over my other colleagues carrying an iPhone. There is still credibility having a DSLR.  

Felt good on my shoulder 

The Canon EOS 750D feels and looks like a good professional camera at an entry level point.  I managed to get some fast shots sitting front row. At 6fps combined with 24.2 pixels, I did not worry. 

The Auto Focus was reliable. I used the control dial a bit depending on the lighting situation  never sure whether to use the screen or view finder for a shot. I noticed I got better shots with using the viewfinder. The common critical thread about the viewfinder for this model is the viewfinder only covers 95%, not 100%. It means the user has to be careful when framing a shot or prepare for a surprise reviewing the images later.

Simple TouchScreen 

The simple to use touchscreen  flips making it easy for me to use the HD video feature. I produce walking video commentaries on the streets of the French Capital while dashing to a show. I mix producing both videos and  pictures but need something light to carry around on the run.  If the quality is good enough for streaming online immediately, I am happy.  The 750D matched those needs. 

I did not use the WiFi Connection for my tablet. There is a Canon app for controlling the camera remotely.

As a creative device The EOS 750D has good merit. There is no need to spend an arm and leg to go to the next level. There are enough goodies to stay in the content production game. 

Please forgive me.  I made this video in August.