Black and Paper Christmas List-DXO One

DxO One Camera

During IFA16 Week the Black and Paper caught with the founders of DxO One.  Not an ordinary camera, the DxO One is a pocket size camera that connects with the iPhone.    But do not let the size fool you.  This is a powerful camera capable of producing professional images.

Designed around the philosophy of “The best camera is the camera you have with you” the DxO One delivers complex photo mechanics in a small frame.   This is the first generation camera from the Paris/San Francisco based firm made up of engineers and photography enthusiasts.

As with other cameras in the category, the DxO One is compact making it easy to carry around but great lengths went into making it distinguished from other cameras in the small and light range.

Equipped with a 1 inch sensor and 20.2 megapixels means the camera can get details even in low light situations. The specially designed lens allows the user to play with depth of field and Brokeh effects of background and foreground blurring. Video Camera and Mic are included.

The iOS app is available for downloading on the iPhone along with updates.  The touch control is simple to use.  Overall the camera’s flexibility is advantageous for the user regardless of the situation from producing the perfect selfie to shooting videos at angles.

The DXO One has received raved reviews from Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Digital Photo to name a few.

I asked the developers when the camera will be available for Android users.  The response was “it is in development”.

A Black and Paper creative colleague used the camera during IFA.  She fell in love with the DxO One.  Her first impression from using the camera was the sharp picture quality. 

The DXO One is available in stores and online including at Colette Paris.