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  • IFA DAY 2

    Samsung showed off its technical prowess by unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy Foldable Smartphone. A welecome design change to the market in my opionion. I saw the new phone from a far. The display counter was chalked full of tech  press waiting to get their hands on it.  The Korean Brand also showed off a […]

  • Lamenting DESIGNS

    What happened to mobile phone designs? New smartphone designs are the same.  They completely lack style. If you have seen one, you have seen them all.  I am looking forward when a tech brand breaks the current monotony. 

  • Apple Lost its Groove

    A Cult  Steven Jobs became a religious like figure in the world of tech. Credited with changing the way consumers view technology. His imprint on modern culture has been written. Introducing products that changed the way humans interact with each other. With every new gadget release legions of followers waited outside in rain, sleet, snow, […]

  • IFA 2017 Coming Soon

    IFA 2017 Coming Soon

    Counting down to IFA 2017 has started.  The latest consumer electronic trends from connected homes, drones, smartphones, and vr are on the agenda. Coverage starts September 30th from Berlin.  

  • Black and Paper Christmas List-DXO One

    Black and Paper Christmas List-DXO One

    DxO One Camera During IFA16 Week the Black and Paper caught with the founders of DxO One.  Not an ordinary camera, the DxO One is a pocket size camera that connects with the iPhone.    But do not let the size fool you.  This is a powerful camera capable of producing professional images. Designed around the […]

  • German Press Days for Spring 2017

    German Press Days for Spring 2017

    German Press Days in Berlin for the presentation of the Spring 2017 collections. Shoes and Sneakers Menswear Womenswear Accessories I used the new Huawei Nova Smartphone during the presentations.  See my upcoming review on the device.

  • Apple’s Latest

      I have not seen the phone, this post is based on my reaction from the iPhone 7 press conference. I  still think the Apple Watch is a Hula Hoop of technology.  A dated piece of hardware before you unbox at home. If you have $369 or 319 euros invest in a watch that will […]

  • IFA Day 1

    IFA Day 1

    Acer has an interesting product line up this season from the ailing tech company, the brand introduced devices ranging from interacting toys for pets to a hyped up gaming pc. The Pawbo is for pets lovers all over the world who feel guilty about their four legged friends alone.   An interactive gadget is designed for […]

  • Tech Meets Life

    Tech Meets Life

    Looking forward to IFA16, the world’s biggest consumer tech show, in Berlin we decided to produce a spontaneous shoot at the NHow Hotel Berlin.  Technology is a part of everyday life.   How did we survive without it?  These are the basic necessities of life. Images by Gita Kurdpoor shot at the NHow Hotel on […]

  • Tech with Chic Appeal

    Karl Lagerfeld Handbag for Fall Parrot Headphone in White Huawei P8 Mobile Phone Karl Parfums for Women Escada Sunglasses Image by Daniel Reiter