Apple’s Latest


I have not seen the phone, this post is based on my reaction from the iPhone 7 press conference.

I  still think the Apple Watch is a Hula Hoop of technology.  A dated piece of hardware before you unbox at home. If you have $369 or 319 euros invest in a watch that will last more than a season or you will look as stylish as polyester bell bottom pants.

The iPhone 7.  Is this product beginning to show its age? The brands strategy is an upgrade here and one there will be enough to please devotees.   There are two categories of phones, the higher price 7plus with souped up cameras armed with 32 GB or 256B it feels like emotional blackmail to spend more money.   Water resistant, dual speakers are nice features, the latter more so because the new smartphone has no headphone jack,  comes with an headphone adapter, but $180 for the Apple wireless earbuds/Airpods is steep.

I know Apple is a cult of coolness with many faithful followers but this time I feel like the loyalty is being taken for granted.  The more expensive iPhone 7 phone feels like a tacky status symbol, a parody of what it once was.