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  • Can Apple Make The World Want Headgear?

    Is this gadget a new way to communicate with life or a gimmick? Spatial computing or Virtual Reality has been the element of sci-fi films. Can Apple make us want to wear headgear indoors? Vision Pro will have built in a tech cult following. The 2D and 3D makes compelling interaction. Conference calls and connected […]

  • Apple TV+

    Apple TV+

    Apple has entered the content business in the form of a new streaming service. Apple’s TV+ is the Cupertino’s answer to household name “Netflix”.  No one can accuse the tech giant of being cheap. With an open check book, Tim Cook went to Hollywood to get the biggest names in show business. Spielberg, Oprah, Jennifer […]

  • Apple Lost its Groove

    A Cult  Steven Jobs became a religious like figure in the world of tech. Credited with changing the way consumers view technology. His imprint on modern culture has been written. Introducing products that changed the way humans interact with each other. With every new gadget release legions of followers waited outside in rain, sleet, snow, […]

  • APPLE 2018

    It is the middle of September, the annual roll out of Apple’s new devices is upon us. All eyes are on Cupertino. Apple Watch is the #1 Smartwatch in the world. It is like taking sand to a beach. Apple Watch is the #1 watch in the world. I’ll be the JUDGE OF THAT! It […]

  • Apple

    The Steve Jobs Theater is impressive. Apple is way ahead of the competition in tech and retail.  The brand is turning its stores into social networking centers. Look out SoHo House! The Applewatch is still a Multi-Useless tech device with 18 hours battery life.  I know Apple is an influential company but there are 24 […]

  • iPhone 7 impressions

    I went to the Apple store to see the latest releases.  They look sleek.  they feel good in the hand.  They perform the way one would expect, but given the level of expectation for the new iPhone 7, after playing  with the latest version of the iconic smartphone, I left the store feeling like the […]

  • Apple’s Latest

      I have not seen the phone, this post is based on my reaction from the iPhone 7 press conference. I  still think the Apple Watch is a Hula Hoop of technology.  A dated piece of hardware before you unbox at home. If you have $369 or 319 euros invest in a watch that will […]

  • Smart Tech Accessory

    A tech, style, and fashion accessory in the form of the elegant Micro Fiber Zip Tablet Case for iPad is functional as well as practical for carrying your favorite personal or professional hardware.   Included with the ABS shell is a versatile 360 degree swivel for rotating a technical device or placing it in a upright […]

  • Tech Meets Fashion

    Photographer Britta Leuermann Stylist Hercules Terres Assistant  Camila Vieira Make Up and Hair Tori and Hain Photographer assistant  Thomas Muller Philip and Marta from Viva Models Shot at the NHow Hotel Berlin Cardigan: Scotch and Soda via Zalando Lipstick: Clarins Rouge Facial Brush: Philips Speaker: JBL Sony Xperia Z1 Waterproof Smartphone Top: Top: Polo by […]