The Steve Jobs Theater is impressive.

Apple is way ahead of the competition in tech and retail.  The brand is turning its stores into social networking centers. Look out SoHo House!

The Applewatch is still a Multi-Useless tech device with 18 hours battery life.  I know Apple is an influential company but there are 24 hours in a day.

Apple TV, a bit of a yawn.

IPhone 8 with hyper camera features looks good but is it a game changer? AR software and motion tracking included in the phone, it feels a bit gimmicky, aimed at a specific user or a specific buyer. This is great for gaming enthusiasts but not sure if it is a big draw for main stream buyers.  Wireless Chi charging looks good.

iPhone X A massive 5.8 inch HDR display with glass on back and forward. It looks beautiful.  No home button.  The user experience is different by tapping on the screen because there is no home button.  A simple swipe is the key to using the phone.  Face ID for facial recognition to unlock the smartphone.  The advance technology creates a model of the users face.  iPhone X  comes with dual cameras and color filters with image stabilization and portrait mode and 4K video.  A new level of proficient selfies is coming to Instagram.

Longer battery life is a positive.

The Animoji from Apple messages could become a new way to communicate in the iPhone world.

iPhone X starts at 999. It will be a status symbol but I would train messenger ravens like they have in Game of Thrones before I spend that amount of money on a phone.

iPhone X is an evolution but not a tech leap so many expected.   At times the latest features felt a bit juvenile.