iPhone 7 impressions

I went to the Apple store to see the latest releases.  They look sleek.  they feel good in the hand.  They perform the way one would expect, but given the level of expectation for the new iPhone 7, after playing  with the latest version of the iconic smartphone, I left the store feeling like the hype was over blown.

Do not get me wrong, the iPhone 7 has plenty of merit.   Performance wise it is a smooth operator.  There are so many features including: water resistant, longer battery life, camera and the most obvious missing detail: the headphone jack.

The Black iPhone looks good.  The larger Plus model I did not like.   The larger iPhones seem awkward.

While at the table I felt the dazzle of previous Apple products was missing.  People (not as many as past product launches) were playing with the phone but not so many inquiries.  That I could actually play with the all the display models on the first day of sales speaks volumes.

I am waiting to see and test the earbuds.

This go round Apple has replaced inspiration with something one step above constant.

The Apple Watch Area of the store was empty.  Need I say MORE!