APPLE 2018

It is the middle of September, the annual roll out of Apple’s new devices is upon us. All eyes are on Cupertino.

Apple Watch is the #1 Smartwatch in the world. It is like taking sand to a beach. Apple Watch is the #1 watch in the world. I’ll be the JUDGE OF THAT! It is ugly. Who wants this thing? The redesigned screen and display is a step above. It is still a niche watch. All the new gimmicks, ECG, heart monitors, Fall Detection. Is this device for an EDERLY HOME? FDA and American Heart Association clearance. The term “complications” being used for the Apple Watch. Sounds like a winning product for the insurance companies. An 18 hour battery life. If your heart stops during the other 6 hours, you are out of luck! I stopped paying attention after the battery specs, no clue about the price.

The new iPhone is becoming a device for everything, gaming, video, and picture.

iPhone 10s, 2 displays 5.8 and 6.5 inch display.

iPhone 10 X SMax. Is a creative smartphone. OLED display. Fast response. Face ID for data protection. The 12 Bionic chip and Neural Engine. It got too technical for me but it is a powerful handset.

Able to process 5 trillion operations per second with a number of Siri shortcuts This phone is about engagement from sun up to sundown.

7MP front camera

The camera is impressive with BROKEH and depth of field benefits.

Battery life 90 minutes longer than the previous devices.

Dual Sims.

Premium prices for all models.

The brand has a sustainable , recycle, give back programs

iPhone 10R Edge to Edge LCD Display A cheaper smartphone for 750 euros.

Haptic Tech. I am not a fan.  It reminds of being hit with a ruler at school. 

Will I buy the iPhone? The price tag puts me off a bit. I can wait. I do not take selfies. I see myself in the mirror everyday.