IFA Day 1

Acer has an interesting product line up this season from the ailing tech company, the brand introduced devices ranging from interacting toys for pets to a hyped up gaming pc.

The Pawbo is for pets lovers all over the world who feel guilty about their four legged friends alone.   An interactive gadget is designed for pet interaction that can be controlled from a smartphone while away from home.  It even offers treats.

The Xplova is a smart cycling computer with built in camera.  It monitors speed and fitness levels.

Staying to its core strength, the brand introduced a new gaming pc, Predator 21 is with a curve monitor, is impressive.

New  gaming technologies include infinite screen, eye tracking technology and intuitive sensing.

High-end home appliance maker Bosch’s  theme is Home Connected”.    The man inside the refrigerator now has company, a camera.   No more guessing what is on the self.  Just check via a smartphone app.  All appliances from the brand are locally produced with tight quality control procedures. If you buy a home appliance from the brand in the US.  It was produce in the US.

Panasonic is investing inFuture Living” and smart cities as the company has become involved in sustainability eco-friendly services and technology on city size scale.  In Berlin there company is involved in building a smart city in the Aldershof District with an emphasis on people and connectivity.

Laundroid is a appliance device that washes, dry, and folds clothing.  Available soon!

Samsung proves why it is still the top brand in the android world.  The Galaxy 7 smartphone is impressive with pen and user interaction. Very smooth interface and great camera.  There is also a retina scan ID feature.

The new Gear 3 smartwatch comes in two styles, one classic, the other is sporty, using Tizan Operating System, has 4GB internal storage with battery life of up to 4 days depending on usage.  There are two buttons, the home and back with a rotating bezel for scrolling and navigating applications, also different digital faces with a continuing display.  The display/face is 1.3 inches.  The casing is a bit thick.  There is an option to change bands.