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  • The Smartphone FOLD

    The Smartphone FOLD

    Samsung introduced a new flagship phone with a vintage feature, a flip open screen. Reaching back to before mobile phones were smart, flipping open a feature mobile was common from brands Ericsson and Motorola. The Korean giant has the new supped up Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone entering the Android arena. What I liked: The […]

  • IFA DAY 2

    Samsung showed off its technical prowess by unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy Foldable Smartphone. A welecome design change to the market in my opionion. I saw the new phone from a far. The display counter was chalked full of tech  press waiting to get their hands on it.  The Korean Brand also showed off a […]

  • Gear S3 from Samsung

    Gear S3 from Samsung

    At IFA 16 Samsung unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Gear S3.  My verdict: NO! Still not compelling enough or stylish to warrant a purchase. I got a personal demonstration, then had hands on time. Coming in two styles, the first is based on an elegant classic design style.  The second is a sportier, rugged design […]

  • IFA Day 1

    IFA Day 1

    Acer has an interesting product line up this season from the ailing tech company, the brand introduced devices ranging from interacting toys for pets to a hyped up gaming pc. The Pawbo is for pets lovers all over the world who feel guilty about their four legged friends alone.   An interactive gadget is designed for […]