Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The Smartphone FOLD

Samsung introduced a new flagship phone with a vintage feature, a flip open screen. Reaching back to before mobile phones were smart, flipping open a feature mobile was common from brands Ericsson and Motorola. The Korean giant has the new supped up Galaxy Z Flip 5 smartphone entering the Android arena.

What I liked: The sharp screen and a quick, responsive interface with smooth movement got my attention. Camera is good, and built designed with a tripod for face time conversations.

What I did not like: Folded hinge, my thought, when would it break? The Flip feels awkward, bulky in the pocket.

Priced at 1.299 euros, Samsung is positioning their latest device at the hight end segment while targeting young or millennial consumers.

While foldable phones sales have grown in recent years despite, slowing sales in the smartphone field, the design character falls short of originality and personal expression.

I had limited time to play with the Galaxy Z Flip 5. This quick review is based on limited interaction.

Stay tuned for IFA 2023 technology news and reviews.