Gear S3 from Samsung

At IFA 16 Samsung unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Gear S3.  My verdict: NO! Still not compelling enough or stylish to warrant a purchase.

I got a personal demonstration, then had hands on time.

Coming in two styles, the first is based on an elegant classic design style.  The second is a sportier, rugged design for the urban adventurer.

What I noticed immediately was the size of the round display/face; 1.3 inches in thick steel casing, light. You can swipe the display to change the face looks and access widgets.  When I tried it on, the watch dominated my wrist, a bit too noticeable for my taste. I asked  why the bigger display, I was told their customers desired a larger screen size because it was easier to read and navigate applications.   Samsung is clearly positioning this device for male users as a hi-tech wearable.

The Gear S3 uses Samsung’s TIzen OS with 4 gb of eternal storage space. All can be controlled by either the  Home Button, Back Button, or Rotating dial.  It was easy to control after a few tries.

Battery life has been improved for up to 3 days without recharging. There is a microphone and speaker for making calls.  Waist bands are standard sizes, enabling the user to change colors and styles.

I did not hate the Gear S3 but I could give myself a valid reason for wanting it.  I was unconvinced.

I did not get a launch date for the Gear 3 so check for local release dates.