Berlinale with Arri

Arri is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  The famed camera maker is a leading technology firm in the motion picture industry.

The new Trinity Mount is a new tool to produce films offering great flexibility.  For those of you in film production you understand the time used for setting up shots.  With this device, time is saved because the director and Cinematography do not lose time setting up shots.


When I watch movies I am always curious about the production of the film.  I ask myself how did the team set up a certain shot? What lighting style or lens was employed? How was the camera choreographed for movement.  I have watched Rope and Touch of Evil many times just for the tracking shots and long takes.  Imagine what Hitchcock or Welles would have done with the Arri Trinity?

A BIG THANK YOU to the Arri team for the demonstration during the Berlinale.

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