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  • Will She Win This Weekend?

    her first Oscar Nomination for POWER OF THE DOG? Is this her year?


    I interviewed Josh O’Connor at the Berlinale. The actor was new in the business. He has come along way. Mr. O’Connor stars in The Crown on Netflix.

  • Chat Cinema-Theaters

    What is the current state of cinema going? Not so good.


     Director Paul Verhoeven made a certain film that has outlived the most savage reviews. Why? A bad film we love.   Stay Tuned for the next Chat Cinema Podcast. 

  • Chat Cinema on Keanu

    We decided to profile Mr. Reeves for the first performer profile. Why? We like his movies. After 35 years in the business, he continues to be relevant. 

  • Chat Cinema Profile

    The next Chat Cinema Podcast takes a turn.  We dedicated this episode to profile an actor.   Stay Tuned.

  • Chat Cinema on Women in The Business

    We had spontaneous discussion on the lack of award nominations for women.  It turned into a podcast.  Sofia gives her opinions.  Why the exclusion? What has changed since #Metoo? The film business has long to way go.

  • Chat Cinema Podcast

    The last Chat Cinema of the year. A bit of a conversation about the state of Cinema. Many auteurs are having a hard time adapting to the new trend of Hollywood.  Director Martin Scorsese comments raised many eyebrows.   This inspiration for this podcast comes from a recent New York Times article. 

  • Chat Cinema Reviews

    Check out our latest episode of Chat Cinema Podcast.  What is new at the movie theatres this weekend? We give you a rundown. 

  • Famous, Why?

    I recently had a conversation with a record company press relations head. We talked about his artists rosters. Many I did not know, but I am over the hill.  As the conversation continued I said, “Today, everyone is famous. Either a celebrity, reality show, Instagrammer, YouTuber, 5000 channels, 10.000 programs, and whatever else. All you […]