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  • An Emotional Journey on Chat Cinema

    An Emotional Journey on Chat Cinema

    Chat Cinema Podcast talks to director Maziyar Khatam about his well received Sundance Film Festival premiered short BABA.

  • Bridergton-The Look

    Bridergton-The Look

    The second segment of the Chat Cinema Podcast with Jeff Jur from the Anamorphic Cafe Lounge in Berlin. The award-winning cinematographer answers questions about achieving the overall look of the hit Netflix show. Click below for the episode.

  • Dictatorship Effects

    Dictatorship Effects

    The second segment of the chat with director Aliaksei Payuyan talks about the effects of oppression on society. Click here

  • Cannes opens in 2022

    The 75th Cannes Film Festival opened with a bang with Tom Cruise walking on the legendary Red Carpet. The Superstar brought all the glamour to the South of France this year with his new film MAVERICK.

  • New Chat Cinemas Coming Soon

    New Chat Cinemas Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for the podcast conversations with the creative teams of some two acclaimed short features.

  • I finally saw Skywalker

    I saw the latest Star Wars film: Rise of Skywalker. I know the film has been out for a while. Contributing to the discusion seems pointless. The Rotten Tomatoes reviews are right.  Episode 5  Once again I ask the fallback question: How does it compare to The Empire Strikes Back? At 2 hours 23 minutes, […]

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  • The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    Black and Paper exclusive interview with Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival Creative Director Sandra Seeling. Would you say filmgoers are looking for different stories and narratives?  In my experience as a festival programmer, filmgoers want to be surprised and inspired. They want to be taken out of their daily routines and experience new adventures and new point of […]

  • Cannes Winner

    An upset at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Cannes Film Festival from France 24