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  • In May

    Entering the second year of Covid lockdowns. After 14 months, perhaps, the end of the tunnel is near. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu. But, the uncertainty continues in every industry. Normally this time of year I’m in a work lull. Few events, […]

  • Not Missed?

    TISK! TISK! Trump, the Political Foil is gone along with his spotlight antics. No longer do we have those off the cuff Tweets taking over the global front pages. The distractions were laughable yet made many feel safe and superior. But today is a different time. Suddenly, many leaders look shoddy at best, mediocre handling […]

  • Partial,, Lockdown PT2

    Berlin, like the rest Europe, entered another lockdown today. Will this work? The air of growing uncertainty cannot be ignored.  Supposedly for only 30 days, then the curve will be under control.   Bars, restaurants and gyms have closed.  Citizens are understandably a bit  frustrated by the backward step handling of the Corona Virus.  Once […]

  • 2020 PART 2

    Black and Paper prepares for the second half of 2020. How do we do it? Taking CUES! 

  • Gym Gone

    Berlin is reopening slowly but steadily. Stores, then restaurants have opened. On Monday hotels and museums re emerge from slumber. Sadly for me, gyms are not on the long reopening list. In Cologne the gyms opened but with many protocols some requiring reservations. Working out was also a way to clear my mind, detox. A […]

  • Fashion Biz Trends

    Continuing my conversation with Editor Alex Popov.  We moved to the topic of Fashion Biz Trends.  What do we expect to happen in these uncertain times? How will fashion evolve? No easy questions to answer. But, we had fun.   Stay Safe.    

  • Shopping in the New Normal

    The second part of my reports on Shopping in the New Normal. The world is changing really fast. 

  • Is It Worth It?

    As the Coronavirus takes a toll on travel. Global Tourism has crashed down around us. I could not decide if it is appropriate to post or encourage destinations. Accounting for in some cases up to 20% of countries GDP. Many livelihoods depend on the travel industry.  Boarders are still closed. Airlines on the brink of […]

  • Ikea after Lockdown

    I had to pop over to IKEA for a few home items.  Getting inside the store today, similar to waiting to get on a ride at Disneyland.  Crowd Control in the New Normal.

  • Fashion Mags Relevance

    Before the lockdown many fashion magazines were under pressure.  Are they relevant during an ongoing pandemic?  As consumers face stark choices, the existence of many publications looks uncertain. Editions cut. Titles closed.  Selling bling is out of style.  Check out our video on the matter.