Is It Worth It?

As the Coronavirus takes a toll on travel. Global Tourism has crashed down around us. I could not decide if it is appropriate to post or encourage destinations. Accounting for in some cases up to 20% of countries GDP. Many livelihoods depend on the travel industry. 

Boarders are still closed. Airlines on the brink of insolvency. Hotels remain vacant.

As a travel enthusiast, I started questioning over tourism After a trip to Prague, the whole system looked as if it had come off the rails. Too many people. Cheap. Little value. Overrun. At times Tacky.

Things changed fast. Lockdowns are being eased. I am not ready to get on a plane. Traveling involves risk from the time you purchase a ticket. Will the destination be virus free? A long weekend to a beach is not worth it in the “New Normal”. On return, a possible 14 day Quarantine. No Thanks!

I am keeping an eye on events. My fingers crossed.  Meanwhile, I am at home like everyone.