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  • Tiggiano’s Local Charm

    From Berlin to Tiggiano, Giacomo Cazzato talks about his charming town on the Adriatic Coast on our travel podcast. In a busy Berlin restaurant the mayor describes what makes this historical beach destination special. Check out the Clipper Inspired Podcast below

  • Going to Gallipoli

    Going to Gallipoli

    Gallipoli, the Italian city on the peninsula’s heal may not be the most well traversed destination in the Latin Country, but that maybe be a good thing. Located on the Ionian Coast, the historical city offers a coast of crystal clear water along with beach weather until November. That part shocked me! As well, the […]

  • Gallipoli is coming to the Clipper Inspired Podcast

    The Southern Italian city Gallipoli is an upcoming topic of our next Clipper Inspired Podcast.



    ITB Berlin continued to inspire travellers this past week.

  • Look to Pompeii

    Look to Pompeii

    Modern civilisation should always look to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii for a lesson on humility and destruction.

  • Naples Revisited

    Naples Revisited

    A recent article in The Guardian newspaper described Napes as “the city of imminent doom.” A place where cool books and tv shows are set. Agreed. After my visit to the city in August 2021, in my opinion the Southern Italian city has an eccentric vibe. A place where everything past and present meet on […]

  • Feeling Like A Danish Version of Bridgerton

    Feeling Like A Danish Version of Bridgerton

    A stay at the Hvedholm Slotshotel makes a guest feel as if they have entered a live set from the hit series Bridgerton.

  • Views in Copenhagen

    Views in Copenhagen

    A preview of Copenhagen, the vibrant Danish capital moves to a different pace.

  • Wine Festival Iphofen

    Wine Festival Iphofen

    Just in case if you are in the area, the Franconia city of Iphofen is having a wine festival this week. The romantic walled city delivers a lot of charm and wine.

  • Never Heard of Marktbreit,

    Never Heard of Marktbreit,

    Another place on the Main river, but Marktbreit wins the Picturesque Award. The romantic small town of around 3,700 sits in the middle of wine country with its old city wall and canal. I have never heard of the ancient Roman settlement until a recent quick visit on a warm German day. It was time […]