Not Missed?

TISK! TISK! Trump, the Political Foil is gone along with his spotlight antics. No longer do we have those off the cuff Tweets taking over the global front pages. The distractions were laughable yet made many feel safe and superior. But today is a different time. Suddenly, many leaders look shoddy at best, mediocre handling of a crisis without end.

The EU is now finger pointing at everyone for their Corona Virus actions. See AstraZeneca headlines. Chancellor Merkel’s puffy, exhausted face looks as if she has not slept in a week. President Macron has pulled another vanishing act, while EU head Von Der Leyen is in the “blame anyone with a pulse” mode for the blocs on going Virus Vaccine disaster.

Meanwhile, The Netherlands is on the edge after 3 nights of Covid Riots. Hundreds have been arrested, with city mayors declaring the country could be headed for civil war.

At least Prime Minister Johnson apologized for his government’s failures. It may not be enough to save him from voter’s wrath.

Spain ran out of vaccines. Portugal is asking for international help. In China, there is a new outbreak possibly forcing millions back into quarantine.

A Plan Based On Hope Is Not a Plan

The Democratic Party hopes platitudes and announcements will cover up the reality of “they have no real plan.” California Democratic Governor Newsom wants to reopen the state. Newsroom’s new business as usual approach in the middle of new more aggressive home grown Covid strain makes sense only to a man saying a pray over and over again in his head.

Newly elected President Biden claims 100 million could be vaccinated by the fall. There is no real structure in place for such an operation. Good intentions can only paper over leadership failings for so long.

We may not have liked Donald, despised him. But without his headlines to distract us, focusing on today’s headlines and leaders is alarming.

For some reason, today, I think a lot country heads miss President Trump. If I were their shoes, I would.