Partial,, Lockdown PT2

Berlin, like the rest Europe, entered another lockdown today. Will this work? The air of growing uncertainty cannot be ignored.  Supposedly for only 30 days, then the curve will be under control.   Bars, restaurants and gyms have closed.  Citizens are understandably a bit  frustrated by the backward step handling of the Corona Virus.  Once Merkel garnered international praise for her calm handling of the pandemic.  Today Covid-19  has marched past Chancellor. Her once precision decision making skills seems reactionary. 

At least Germany is not France.  The 450 mile/724 kilometres traffic jam of Parisians fleeing the capital made global headlines.   Is this a new form of Gallic public defiance?  The French have become weary of Macron’s decrees. Or to put it simply, “The masses no longer have faith in the leader”.   Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. 

Patience has run out in Spain and Italy. Riots continue to shake their respective cities.  The governments of the two Latin countries are behaving as parents in a store with uncontrollable children.  But the children no longer believe the parents have their best interest at heart.  Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez veers from one pronouncement to another.  He is losing control. 

The UK will enter a new lockdown on Thursday.  Prime Minister Johnson is one step away from open political revolt. There will be no praise for the British head’s fumbling.   The very “Britisness” of the system worked against him. 

And it is only November.