Gym Gone

Berlin is reopening slowly but steadily. Stores, then restaurants have opened. On Monday hotels and museums re emerge from slumber. Sadly for me, gyms are not on the long reopening list. In Cologne the gyms opened but with many protocols some requiring reservations. Working out was also a way to clear my mind, detox. A sort of escape. Somethings cannot be ignored. Coronavirus has upended every part of life. 

As a person who hits the studio 5 times a week, this hurts. I manage a daily run through the streets and parks of the city. But, it is not the same as having all the exercise equipment indoors. I tried buying kettle bells and bands for my outdoor routine. All completely sold out. The odds of winning the lottery are better than obtaining a set. 

Part of my daily morning routine involved walking to my neighborhood fitness chain, saying “hello” to the trainers. Interacting with gym friends I only saw there.

Doing my plan: Monday-Arms, Tuesday-Chest, Wednesday-Legs, Thursday-Back and Shoulders, Friday-Aerobic.

Now gone. Before the lockdown I managed to hit a lean 83 kilos. The summer goal was 79 kilos. Then hit the biceps with extra reps to gain 1/4 inch of muscle mass. Nope! My legs have benefited.  Running up and crunches. 

In the New Normal, if or when the gyms open again I will have to start over rebuilding. Having lost my gains. I am terrified to get on a scale. A fear after opening the refrigerator a million times a day.