In May

Entering the second year of Covid lockdowns. After 14 months, perhaps, the end of the tunnel is near. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu. But, the uncertainty continues in every industry. Normally this time of year I’m in a work lull. Few events, not so much to cover because of the summer build up. Mens Fashion Weeks in June, Couture Week in Paris, summer film press junkets before the releases. A quick holiday, then the real work starts. September brings IFA, followed by London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Not this year. It looks like more virtual events. Can anyone say “YIPPEE” while Zooming? Over the past two days one event after another has been cancelled for 2021. Why? The pandemic, politics combined with ineptness. As the EU grudgingly admits, their vaccine policy roll out leaves a lot to be desired. Political short comings cross boarders.

Leadership + Hubris = Failed

Chancellor Angela Merkel only makes pronouncements with her signature statement“There is no other way” while grabbing more power to demonstraterelevance.For those of you who thought Germans learned their lesson about blindly following leaders without questions, WELL. This writer feels better knowing Germany does not have an offensive army. Are there any wonders why the left leaning political Green Party could make history in September?

The other EU Power leader, President Macron, nothing can choke a person harder than hubris, The Gallic leader has a lot of ego to pass around. As France faces more lockdown time, the natives have grown weary. Emmanuel Macron is fighting on two fronts. His outcomes are far from certain.

With the 2022 election campaign now in swing, a political earthquake could be likely. Marie La Penn closed the polling gap. Could the French Right Wing staple lead the country? It cannot be ruled out. 

Life was full of uncertainty in May 2020. What changed in 2021?